The Team

Lucas and Lucy Muturi


Shiloh Homes of Hope International Organization was formed as a charitable organization to assist under privileged and at risk orphans in Kenya. Our vision is to provide food, shelter, a loving home and education to these children. SHOHI Organization is the brainchild of Lucas and Lucy Muturi who were born and raised in Kenya and are now residents of the United States. With their vision of hope and your support in this project, the lives of many children will forever be changed. Shiloh Homes of Hope International Organization is registered in the U.S. as a non-profit organization under the section 501(c)3 of the IRS code.

Sabrina Elkington


For the past 25 years, Sabrina Elkington has worked with schools from pre-K to college level children, she has volunteered on different non-profit committees and clubs. Sabrina’s has a goal to bring awareness, exposure and funding opportunities to a wide variety of youth groups. She has enjoyed great success helping young people focus on, and realize their goals.

Her love of design and her passion for visual presentation with her optimistic attitude are forefront in all her endeavors. Her remarkable sense of style is apparent in everything she accomplishes. Sabrina’s enthusiasm and experience will help bring Shiloh Homes of Hope International Organization to successfully accomplish their mission of helping children.

Rev. Justus Kunyiha

Project Director

Rev. Justus M. Kunyiha has been a Pastor for over 15years both in Kenya and in the US dealing with parents, youth and smaller children. He has BA in Theology, Diploma in Water Resources Engineering, a H. Diploma in Construction (Structures) and an Associate degree in power plant technology. He brings a wealth of experience in management and technology. Married with three children.