About Us

Our Drive/Focus

Hope is the only thing that makes life possible. From the beginning, starting with our personal lives and looking around, having a better tomorrow and a brighter future is the element that makes life liveable. We looked around and saw the need to share these same hopes with children who have a rough start in life and are orphaned, we were inspired to make a positive impact in their lives. After much prayer and consultations, we were confident that the way to create a lasting impact is to have a place where children can call home and get an education. That is how Shiloh Home of Hopes International Organization was born.

Shiloh Homes of Hope has had an incredible journey in bringing to fruition the enduring vision and mission cherished within the hearts of Lucas and Lucy Muturi.

The Muturi family has undertaken a remarkable endeavor, ensuring access to education and a nurturing home for orphans, hence the name ‘Homes of Hope.’ This nonprofit organization has achieved a decade of successful operations and proudly maintains a strong international presence.”

We envision a future where every child, regardless of their background or circumstances, experiences a nurturing home and receives a world-class education. Our Children Rescue Centre is a beacon of hope, where love, compassion, and learning converge to empower young lives.