Mentorship Program


At Shiloh Homes of Hope, we recognize the importance of mentorship in the holistic development of the children under our care. Mentorship is pivotal in providing additional emotional support, guidance, and positive role modeling alongside the educational and nurturing environment we provide.

Mentorship Program

Selection of Mentors: Mentors within our organization are carefully selected based on their suitability, background checks, and alignment with our values. They should exhibit a genuine interest in the well-being and personal growth of the children.

Mentorship Goals: The primary goals of our mentorship program are to:

  1. Foster positive relationships between children and mentors.
  2. Provide children with additional emotional and social support.
  3. Encourage personal and character development.
  4. Offer guidance and assistance in setting and achieving personal goals.
  5. Promote the development of life skills and decision-making abilities.
  6. Enhance the sense of belonging and community within our Children’s Rescue Centre.