We at SHIHO seek to offer a Life Skills Education Program that contributes to and coordinates with programs that attend to the educational, growth and developmental needs of the children such as good nutrition, health care, social acceptance and recreation. Life skills address the whole individual and therefore can lead to overall, sustained life-long behavior change.

WE will setup a program which provides support to these families through multisensory developmental enrichment for children ages 3-6. Our staff with the help and partnership with education bodies and schools will develop a curriculum for our Learning Centre based on children’s literature, enlarging a child’s world through exploration, and multisensory stimulation – using all of the senses: sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell.

We hope to build a friendly learning environment for the children.

We hope to establish a special needs facility to cater for children with disabilities in the orphanage as well as the surrounding community. .

We also hope to expose them to the latest digital technology and implement it in their learning, providing them with a wealth of information and knowledge, which they can then use in the future to purse a related career or simply as a subject of interest and intrigue.